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From Feeding Mistakes to How to Murder a Tamagotchi, Here Are 7 Things You’ll Only Know If You Had One in the 1990s

If you grew up in the ’90s, chances are you were part of the Tamagotchi craze that swept the world. These tiny virtual pets captured the hearts of millions and brought joy, responsibility, and, at times, sheer panic to our lives. Here are seven things you’ll only know if you had a Tamagotchi in the ’90s:

  1. It Was Exhausting Waiting for That Egg to Hatch: The anticipation of waiting for your Tamagotchi egg to hatch was nerve-wracking. It felt like an eternity as you watched the digital egg on the screen, eagerly wondering what kind of pet would emerge from within.
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  2. You might give it too much or not enough food, but never just feed it: Feeding your Tamagotchi was a balancing act. Overfeeding could lead to an overweight pet, while neglecting to feed it would result in a sad, hungry companion. Finding that perfect feeding routine was crucial for a happy and healthy Tamagotchi.
  3. The Fear That They Would Pass Away While You Were In School: One of the most stressful aspects of owning a Tamagotchi was the fear of it dying while you were away at school or unable to attend to it. You’d anxiously check on it before leaving, hoping it would survive the hours you were apart.
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  4. It would inevitably end up being cared for by your mother: Despite your best efforts, there were times when you couldn’t be there for your Tamagotchi, and your mum would step in as a temporary caregiver. She might not have fully understood the digital pet’s needs, but her intentions were always appreciated.
  5. They were electronic shredding devices: Yes, you read that right. Tamagotchis were not shy about their bathroom needs. Cleaning up after their digital mess was a daily chore that came with the territory of pet ownership, virtual or not.
  6. You Could Use a Biro to Kill It: Accidentally resetting your Tamagotchi with the tip of a pen (usually a Biro) was a tragedy of epic proportions. Watching all your hard work and bonding efforts vanish in an instant was devastating.
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  7. The loss was genuine yet fleeting: As dramatic as it sounds, losing a Tamagotchi was a genuinely emotional experience. The attachment we developed with these tiny virtual pets made their departure all the more poignant. Yet, after the initial grief, many of us found ourselves ready to welcome a new Tamagotchi companion into our lives.

In conclusion, owning a Tamagotchi in the ’90s was an unforgettable experience filled with ups and downs. These digital pets taught us responsibility, patience, and the value of caring for something beyond ourselves. Though they were just pixels on a screen, the emotional connection we formed with our Tamagotchis was very real. So, here’s to the memories of those little virtual companions that brought joy and excitement to our lives during that magical era. Order here:

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